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Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Window Warranties

If you are looking for replacement windows for your home, then it is vital you take some time to investigate the warranty that is included when you purchase them. Different window manufacturers have different warranties. By thoroughly reading and understanding each of them, you can then compare them to each other before making your final purchasing decision. 

To ensure you understand everything you need to know about this topic is the following information:

The Length of a Warranty Says a Lot About the Product It Covers

When manufacturers produce a product, they typically attach a warranty to it in an effort to sell more of it. And, just like car manufacturers offer drive train warranties designed to expire just before their drive trains start having serious problems, so too do window makers. In general, lengthy warranties mean the window manufacturer thinks their product will last for a long time. In contrast, shorter warranties show you the manufacturer thinks their windows won't have a very long life.

For example, if you purchase a window with only a two-year warranty, then this means the manufacturer expects most of their windows to only last a couple years before they start requiring repairs. Alternatively, if you purchase a window with a 20-year warranty, then you know the manufacturer expects their windows to last nearly two decades before they have issues. When shopping for windows, look at how long the warranty is and use this number to estimate how long the windows should be maintenance free.

Understand Each Aspect of the Warranty and Exactly What It Covers

There are five things most window manufacturers warranty:

  1. the frame
  2. the sash
  3. the hardware
  4. the glass
  5. the screens

In addition to all of the above, some warranties also include the labor costs to replace defective windows or parts that fail.

Important Note: If you live near the coast, then you need to read the coastal area exclusions on window warranties. Window manufacturers have special exclusions for these areas because salty air is very corrosive.

Warranties Are Often Voided if the Windows Aren't Installed by a Professional Installer

Most window manufacturers require replacement windows to be installed by a professional contractor. If you choose to install the windows yourself, then you can expect a fight on your hands if you ever need to file a warranty claim.

You Absolutely Must Submit the Window Manufacturer's Warranty Form

Finally, it is very important that you take the time to fill out and send in the window manufacturer's warranty form. This step will activate the warranty and make your life a whole lot easier if you ever file a claim for a repair or replacement.

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