Tip For Selecting A Shower Enclosure

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Are you in the process of remodeling your bathroom? If so, you may be wondering what type of shower enclosure you should install. The type of enclosure you use will highly depend on what kind of bathroom you have, and what kind of function you want the enclosure to perform. Here are some tips for selecting the right kind of shower enclosure.

Small Bathrooms

You may not have a ton of room in your bathroom for larger shower enclosures. However, that doesn't mean that you don't have options to pick from. When dealing with a small space, you'll want to consider how much room the door takes up, and how it opens. Consider using a glass sliding door so that the door doesn't get in the way when used in a small space. If you want a hinged door, you may need to use one that opens into your shower rather than into the bathroom itself. These options can work when you're dealing with limited space.

Modern Bathrooms

If the style of your bathroom is more modern, you do not have to go with a standard enclosure. Consider creating a walk-in shower where there are no doors. Instead, you just have a divider that separates your shower from your bathroom, which you walk around to enter the shower. The divider can be a solid material that is tiled or a glass panel. This style of shower may be ideal if you are looking to keep the shower handicapped accessible since there is no lip to step over to enter the shower.

Private Bathrooms

Your main concern for a bathroom enclosure may be privacy, especially if it is a single bathroom that is shared with other people in your home. You may have people showering while others are brushing their teeth, meaning that a dividing glass panel is not an option for you. It's possible to replace dividers made of glass with glass blocks, which still allow natural light into the shower while making it hard to see who is actually in the shower. It's also possible to take a glass door or panel and put a glass film over it. This allows you to transform the glass at any time, with the option to easily change the pattern on the glass as you change the decor of what is decorating the space. It offers you privacy, yet still has flexibility with a design that is easy to change on your own.

Decide what style you're going for and look through some shower doors to see which option will be perfect for your bathroom.