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The Importance Of Your Home's Front Door: 3 Things To Know When Replacing A Front Door

The front door of the average home has a tremendous responsibility. In addition to helping to seal the home from wind and weather, it must also act as a barrier to keep out unwanted people and pests. It must do all this while also helping to protect the safety of the family members and their possessions inside. If the time has come to replace the front door on your home, here are some important things to consider when choosing its replacement. 

Determine the weather effect

Homes that are designed with recessed front entries or those that have extensive porches or other sheltering structures are helping to protect the lifespan of the front door. For these homes, the purchase of high-quality wooden door can be an excellent choice, even though it will require more maintenance than some other types of door materials. 

Homes that have flush-mounted front doors that are fully exposed to the weather or those with only small porches or stoops for shelter should consider a front door material more capable of withstanding the elements, such as steel, fiberglass, or a weather-resistant composite material. 

Determine the need for light

Front doors that open to a dark or windowless entry area should be chosen wisely to help offset this problem. If security or privacy concerns make opting for sidelights or a door with lots of glass uncomfortable, homeowners may want to consider selecting a door that is designed to be installed along with a transom window to offer additional light to the space. 

Determine the energy savings

Because the front door of your home is also part of the thermal barrier of your home's outer shell, the amount of insulation value it provides is an important consideration for homeowners. A good choice for additional insulation value is a fiberglass or composite door that has been filled with a high-density foam material. 

While a steel door does provide some insulation value as well, especially when filled with foam, the metal surface is more likely to absorb and transfer both heat and cold to the interior of the home. Front door services can help limit this problem by helping homeowners select a door that incorporates a thermal break to help prevent the absorption and transfer of heat and cold. 

To learn more about your home's front door and how you can choose one that will add to the safety, security, and energy efficiency of your home, contact a reputable front door installation services provider to discuss your situation before making your decision. 

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