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Tips For Installing Window Film At Home

If you have concerns about the ultraviolet light coming into your home through your windows, it is worth exploring the benefits of using window film. It can solve a few problems that you may currently have, such as faded carpet and furniture in places that see direct sunlight during the day. Thankfully, residential window film installation is an easy task that you can do on your own with the following tips.

Cleaning Your Windows

The very first step is to start with a clean window. If not, you'll end up trapping dirt underneath the film and having issues with the film not sticking to the surface. You'll want to clean the windows with a glass cleaner, which involves spraying it onto the glass and using a lint free cloth to wipe off the surface. Avoid using paper towels that can leave small traces of the material behind, which will become trapped underneath the film.

Measuring and Cutting the Film

It's crucial that the film you are installing on the windows is exactly the same size as the windows, which means that the film you are cutting out should be slightly bigger than the interior dimensions of the glass. You will apply the film and then trim it later, since it is incredibly difficult to cut the window film to the exact size of the window and apply it perfectly. All you need to do is add about 1 inch to your width and height to get a slight overlap of window tint material.

Applying the Film

The trick to getting window film to stay is to spray down the surface with soapy water. Simply fill up a water bottle and put a couple drops of your dish soap into it. It creates a mild solution that will do the trick. You'll then need to spray the surface of the window so that it is completely covered.

The window film then can be placed onto the window's glass pane, and the soapy water allows you to slide the film around so it is in the correct position. When it's in the right place, spray down the front side of the film to make the surface slippery, then use a squeegee to remove bubbles that are under the surface of the window film.

If you feel like you are going to mess up the installation and would rather not do it, contact a local contractor that installs window tints on residential homes.

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