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Keep Mold Away From Your Windows

You don't want mold to grow anywhere in your homes. Windows are an area though where mold likes to sneak in due to the moisture that can build up around windows. However, you can take steps to prevent mold from growing on your window sills and on your wood window frames.

Get Rid of Condensation

The first thing that you need to do is get rid of the condensation on your windows. Condensation on your windows can lead to mold on your windows. Condensation on your windows can come from multiple sources. It can come from too much humidity in your home, which can be fixed with a dehumidifier.

Condensation can also come from a poorly sealed window, which can be fixed by re-sealing around your window with caulking material. Sometimes, though, to get rid of the condensation, you may need to get fuller window repair or replace the glass in your window. Old, thin glass can have gaps in the layers that lead to condensation. Old thin glass also can allow excessive heat transfer, which can lead to condensation.

Keep Air Moving Around Your Home

Second, you need to make sure that you keep air moving around your home. If the air is real stale and stagnant in your home, those conditions can lead to mold growing in your home. This can be fixed by opening up you windows when it is nice outside and just using the fan function of your heating and cooling system to keep air circulation in your home.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Well-Sealed

Third, make sure that your windows are well-sealed. You may need to apply caulking around the inside and outside of your windows. You may also need to remove and apply new weather stripping along the base of your window where it closes to make sure that it has a tight seal when it is closed.

Kill Mold with Bleach

Finally, make sure that you deal with the actual mold itself. You can get rid of and kill the mold with a bleach and water solution. Just be careful not to get the bleach on anything else, as it can stain. Apply the water and bleach solution directly onto the mold and allow it to sit before wiping down the area. Throw away the paper towels you use to wipe with to prevent the spread of mold spores. Spray additional bleach and allow it to sit and soak in to keep further mold away.

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