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4 Features Of Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are different than windows used in newly constructed homes. There are some specific traits that can make a window a replacement a better option than a new window.

Custom Dimensions

With a replacement window, you can get standard dimensions, which works if you are trying to replace a standard window. The truth is that most windows in homes are built to custom dimensions. Even if the window dimensions are off only half an inch from standard window dimensions, you still want to get a custom window built for your home.

Replacement windows can be ordered for the exact size of your window opening. With replacement windows, you don't have to worry about the window not fitting, as custom windows are the norm and are an affordable option when replacing a window in your home.

High Performance & Quality

When you upgrade your windows, you are not just upgrading the appearance of your windows, but you are also upgrading the performance and quality of your windows as well. With newer windows, you can have energy-efficient windows installed that are designed to help you reduce energy loss around the panes. You can have strong windows installed that will not get damaged in storms. You can have window tints and other elements added to the window as well.

When you upgrade the appearance of your window, you also upgrade the quality and performance ability of your window.

Less Expensive to Install

Replacement windows are usually less expensive to install than a new window. You don't have to cut out an opening for the window, and oftentimes, you don't have to replace the frame around the window if it is still in good condition, allowing you to save even more money. Most of the hard work of installing the window has already happened; all you need to do is put the new window in place.

Don't Always Require the Frame to Be Replaced

When you have a replacement window installed, the frame for the window doesn't always need to be replaced. If the window was cracked or broken, and the frame is still in good shape, there is no need to replace the frame.

If you are upgrading to a thicker type of glass, such as a double- or triple-pane window from a single-pane glass window, you will need to replace the window frame. The old window frame will not be able to safely hold the new window in place.

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