4 Window Improvement And Treatment Projects To Stop Cold Winter Drafts

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With the winter weather on its way, you want to stop cold drafts in your home. What are some of the improvements that can be done to windows to keep the cold air out? You may want to consider options like window films and improving insulation around window casings. There are also options for window treatments like thermal blinds that will help keep the cold air out of your home. Here are some window improvements and treatments that you can have done before winter weather arrives:

1. Improving the Insulation Around Windows and Repairing Weather Stripping

The first improvement that you will want to do to stop winter drafts is improving insulation. Check windows for insulation between the casing and wood framing. You may need to remove interior trim to add insulation and seal drafts. In addition, you will want to check the weather stripping of windows and doors while updating insulation. If weather stripping is worn or damage, then you will want to replace it.

2. Glass Replacement and Window Films That Help Stop Winter Drafts

Glass replacement is another improvement that you may want to consider when updating windows. This is a great way to upgrade custom windows with more efficient glass. In addition to glass replacement, there is also the option of updating windows with modern glass films that will help make glass more energy-efficient and protect your home from the weather conditions outside.

3. Window Treatments That Help Stop Drafts and Insulate Thin Glass

Window treatments can be a great way to reduce drafts and provide old windows with better insulation. Thick curtains are great to provide insulation for windows during winter weather. In addition to curtains, you also have options for modern thermal blinds that will help prevent drafts and energy loss during the winter months.

4. Replacement, Shutters and Storm Protection to Update Windows

If you have old, worn or damaged windows, you may want to consider modern replacements to protect them from damage. In addition to replacement windows, there are also many options for shutters and roller shades that will help improve energy efficiency of your home, as well as provide protection from winter storms.

These are some of the window improvements and treatments that you can have done before the winter months arrive to keep the cold air out of your home. If you need help with keeping the cold drafts out, contact a window service like Bradenton Window & Allied Products and talk to them about some of these improvements for your home.