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Aluminum Door Frames: They're An Excellent Option

Is it time to replace your door frame? If so, you might want to explore your options. Many people quickly look to wood or steel as a replacement option, but aluminum can be just as good, if not better. Learn some of the awesome reasons to consider an aluminum door frame before your installation.


Aluminum door frames are a cost-friendly option because aluminum is an affordable material. When you compare aluminum to a material like steel, the savings are substantial. One reason for the savings is the fact that the aluminum frames are hallowed on the inside. If you need to replace multiple door frames, aluminum can help you save a substantial amount of money. 


If you choose an option like a wood door frame, you should not expect the structure to last for a long time. Wood is durable; however, when it comes to moisture and constant sun exposure, much of its durability goes away. Aluminum can withstand exposure to moisture, sun exposure, and other elements and remain intact and in good condition. When you choose aluminum, you choose a long-term solution.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminum door frames can give you increased energy efficiency. One great thing about aluminum is that it has superior thermal performance. For you, this increase performance means less heat transfer. So, during the winter, less heat will escape through the frame and during the summer, less heat will pass through the frame into your home. Increased thermal performance can help reduce the amount you have to spend on heating and cooling your home. 


Aluminum door frames are available in all sorts of styles. Whether your home has a more classic design or something more modern, you can have a frame designed to meet your needs. Additionally, aluminum is a paintable material, so if you want to design the frame in a unique color, this option is another one available to you. The point is that you can transform the aluminum to look however you want it to. 


Aluminum can mean a faster installation. First, aluminum is a lightweight material. Consequently, a single technician may be able to install the door on their own. Second, the frames come pre-fitted. So, when it's time for installation, the technician is more or less fitting the frame into the space somewhat like a puzzle. With aluminum, you can get the installation process over with faster. 

Once you are ready for your installation, contact an installation specialist. A professional installer will ensure you get the most benefit from your aluminum door frame by ensuring that the installation is performed correctly. Visit a site like for more help.

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