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New Window Options That Work Well In Bathrooms

Replacing a bathroom window is a bit more intricate than replacing other windows in your home. Bathroom windows, for instance, need to open for ventilation. They must also provide privacy. If you want your new window to perfectly suit your needs, then here are some window options to consider.

1. Awning Windows

Awning windows are great for small openings located partway up a wall. So if that sounds like your bathroom window, an awning window is something to consider. They mount on a couple of hinges along the top of the window, folding upward towards the sky when open. There's no better window style for ventilation. When you want to let some steam out of the bathroom, the window opens wide, and the window pane remains over the window opening like an awning, preventing any rain from coming in. 

2. Etched Glass

If your window is located far enough down the wall that someone looking in could see you standing inside your bathroom, then you may want to invest in etched glass. This is glass that has been treated with a special chemical to make it less clear. Either one or both sides of the glass will have a pattern on it. Light will come through, but the image you see through the window will be obscured. If you have a double-hung window, you could have etched glass put on just the bottom pane and normal glass put on the top.

3. Vinyl Window Frames

You also have to consider the frame material used for your window! Wood, while beautiful, is a poor choice for your bathroom because of the moisture levels after showering. Vinyl is a much better choice. It won't rot or mold after being exposed to water. It's also less expensive, which is a nice bonus.

4. Fixed Accent Windows

Sometimes, one small awning window might not let quite enough light into your bathroom. If you want to let in more light without sacrificing privacy, include two or three small, fixed accent windows in your design. For instance, a small, round window placed to either side of a bigger window might look nice. You could even put a triangle window above the main window for unique character.

With the advice above, you can choose windows more suitable for use in the bathroom. Talk to a window installation company to learn more about the design and glass choices available to you.

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