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Care Tips For Your Home's Newly Tinted Windows

If you decided to install tinted film on your home's windows, then it's important you know how to care for it. Window tinting that is properly cared for will look wonderful and last for many years. To properly care for your newly tinted windows, follow each of these post-installation care tips.

Tip: Allow the Window Tint Film Enough Time to Cure Before Touching It

The tinted film installed on your home's windows needs plenty of time to dry and cure. Until it has cured, it may look cloudy or you may see small bubbles of water on the surface of the glass underneath it. This is completely normal and expected.

Windows that are tinted in the hot summer months or those with a lot of direct sunlight should cure in about a week. However, windows tinted during colder weather or not in direct sunlight can take up to a couple months to fully cure. 

Never apply any heat in an effort to speed up the curing process because this will damage the tinting film. Simply let the film cure and don't touch it until the windows are clear to see through again.

Tip: Use the Right Cleaning Tools and Products to Clean Tinted Windows

There are two ways tinted windows are typically damaged by homeowners:

  1. they are cleaned with the wrong products
  2. they are cleaned with the wrong tools

To avoid damage, only clean tinted windows with ammonia-free, foam-style cleaners. This type of cleaner will have fewer problems with streaks and is safe for use on tinted windows.

The proper tools to use when cleaning tint film are either a soft cloth or a rubber squeegee. Never use any of the following things that will scratch or degrade the film:

  • paper towels
  • abrasive cleaners
  • scrubbing sponges

Additionally, never use a natural-bristle or plastic-bristle brush on window tint.

If someone tapes a holiday decoration to one of your windows, then you need to take care when removing the tape from the window. Remove the tape slowly and carefully. If there is any adhesive left behind, then you can remove it by gently scrubbing it with a soft cloth dipped in mineral spirits.

Tip: Don't Attempt to Repair Damaged Window Tint Yourself as a DIY Project

Finally, if something comes into contact with the window tinting film and scratches or chips it, then there isn't anything you can do to repair it. However, if you call a local glass contractor, then they can come out and replace the damaged section of the film with one that matches all the other windows.

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