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Getting Casement Windows? Know How To Child-Proof Them

If you're getting new casement windows for your home, you may be looking forward to having an open window frame that is not separated by bars or window sashes. However, it may raise some concerns about child-proofing the windows. If you previously had double hung windows, you may be familiar with the plastic tabs that stick out and prevent the windows from being opened very far. This is not the case with casement windows, and you'll need to take some additional steps to keep your children safe.

Use The Lock

While your double hung windows may not have needed to be locked to keep your children safe, that is not the case with casement windows. Not only is using the lock required to help the window form a good seal, but it will prevent children from being able to easily open the window. This is especially true with the window crank being at the bottom of the window, which is easy for children to access.

Remove The Crank

The nice thing about casement windows is that the crank can easily be removed, making it impossible for someone to open the windows without your permission. If you decide to remove the cranks, just make sure to put them in a place that you will not lose them. For example, you may want to place them on top of the window frame so it is completely out of reach, or collect all of the cranks and put them in a basket somewhere where your child won't find them.

Move Furniture

If you do have the windows open, having an open window with a screen on it can be very tempting for a child to play around. It is best to remove all furniture in front of windows that are open. If they can climb furniture and put their full weight onto the screen, they can potentially push through the screen and fall out the window

Install a Sash Lock

There are also childproof mechanisms that allow you to prevent a casement window from being opened past a certain point, which allows you to get fresh air without creating a safety hazard. These sash locks are a strong fabric that secures to the window frame and the sash, and it prevents the window from being opened far by using a physical restraint. You can unlatch the sash lock if you want the window opened fully, but it will be difficult for a child to do on their own.

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