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Installing A Replacement Window? What To Know Before Attempting To DIY

Broken, damaged, or excessive wear issues are just a few of the reasons for a homeowner to purchase a replacement window. If only one or a few windows need to be replaced, even homeowners who have never before installed a window may decide to watch a few online how-to videos and give the DIY method a try.

While a successful DIY window installation can be a way to save money, an unsuccessful one can end up costing many times as much, especially if damage to surrounding materials occurs due to a faulty installation. If you have watched a few home improvement shows or instructional videos and are convinced that your are ready to install a replacement window in your home, here are some critical issues you need to be aware of before you begin. 

Moisture leaks and mold

One of the worst problems that can result from a failed DIY attempt to install a window is the risk for moisture leaks and the development of mold. Windows that are not correctly sized and shimmed to fit wall openings can make it easy for moisture to seep in around the frame and cause damage to the lumber, insulation, and drywall surfaces around the window. As time passes, these wet surfaces can be badly damaged or encourage mold growth, which is known to be a health risk for the occupants of the home. 

Air leaks

While healthy home ventilation depends upon the proper intake of fresh air from outside the home, air that leaks in around a poorly installed window is not a good idea. Instead, this type of air leak can result in the loss of expensive heated and cooled air, placing additional stress on the home's HVAC system and driving up utility bills. In addition, any crack or hole that allows air to flow through can also allow insects to enter, causing additional problems for the home's occupants. 

Shoddy appearance

Opting to DIY a home window installation can also mean opting to purchase a generic replacement window through a home improvement store. When this happens, the style, quality, and color of the window may not be a good match to the existing windows on the home. This can create a shoddy appearance from the street that can be a turnoff for prospective buyers, should you decide to put the home up for sale at a later time.

Hiring a home window installation contractor to professionally install your replacement window can help you avoid all these potential problems at a very reasonable cost.

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