Transforming The Way Windows Work: Three Window Films You Can Buy

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From the company 3M, window films are a product that have been around a long time. A lot of homeowners in late fall buy window film to install over their windows to prevent the drafts and loss of heated air. Now, you can do even more with 3M window film than ever before. The following examples show how you can transform your home's windows to do more than just let in light and keep out cold.

​Increase Heat

Magnify the sun's warmth by using an advanced window film that increases the heat from the sun. This is an especially useful film in areas where it is extremely cold most of the year (e.g., Alaska, Canada, etc.). Trying to get enough warmth, restrict that warmth from leaving your home, and then be able to magnify the warmth of the sun as it comes through your windows so that you can survive harsh winter conditions is what spurned the creation of this film. You can also use this film to create a makeshift greenhouse of sorts if you have a porch that has several windows that face the direction of the sun all day. You can either buy the plastic film to apply to your windows, or you can purchase windows that have been chemically dipped and treated with this film.

Decrease UVA/UVB Rays

There are also window films that decrease UV rays. UV rays can bleach everything they regularly shine upon, and they tend to destroy almost everything they touch. If you have some floor-to-ceiling windows in a room, and that room gets a lot of light, you will discover that everything, from the carpet to the back of your sofa, will be quite discolored in a short time. Cover your windows with UVA/UVB window film, and you will still get all the sunlight you want with none of the destruction from the sun's rays that you do not want.

​Room Darkening 

Maybe there is a room in your house that gets far too much light. Maybe someone works third shit and would rather be sleeping during the day than struggling with all of that sunlight. Whatever the case, darkening the room by dampening the amount of light coming through the windows is a real thing. If you absolutely need to darken a room in your home, you can do that by using a room darkening film. These films can cut the amount of natural light from ten to ninety percent, depending on the strength of the film you choose.

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