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Three Misconceptions About Glass Entry Doors

Your front door acts as an entryway into your property and is a major design feature. You want your front door to be attractive and welcoming. There are many options available when it comes to selecting a new entry door, but sometimes homeowners are hesitant to go with glass doors. 

A glass entry door is often thought of as being impractical, but this could not be further from the truth. Glass doors can be functional and beautiful. They can transform the look of your home and elevate its curb appeal if you are willing to look past the common misconceptions that reference glass entry doors.

1. No Privacy

One of the most common concerns homeowners have regarding glass entry doors is the perceived lack of privacy these doors offer. Homeowners are worried that anyone walking past their property will be able to take a peek inside.

Some glass doors are transparent, but a frosted or tinted glass is commonly used in glass entry doors. These treatments help to lend some opacity to the door without compromising the amount of natural sunlight that filters through.

If privacy is a concern for you and your family, a frosted or tinted glass door can give you the privacy you need.

2. Lack of Security

Another reason homeowners shy away from glass entry doors is the perception that these doors are easy to infiltrate. No homeowner wants his or her property to be subject to criminal activity, and an entry door is the first line of defense in a home security system.

There is no need to worry that a would-be criminal will be able to break through your glass entry door. The panes of glass used in entry doors are often tempered. The tempering process adds to the strength of the glass, helping it resist shattering when exposed to force.

Your glass entry door will be able to stand strong against unlawful entry—and tree limbs or stones thrown by the wind as well.

3. Increased Heat

Glass allows natural light to filter into your home. A glass entry door can scare some homeowners because there is a perception that the amount of heat coming into the home through a glass door will raise cooling costs. This is a misconception. Glass entry doors are treated with a specialized ultra-violet-resistant glaze. The glaze prevents heat from coming into your home while still allowing light to transfer through the glass.

If you think a glass door is the right choice for your home, contact a company that specializes in entry door installation.

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