Are You Considering Darkly Colored Window Blinds? Pros And Cons To Consider

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Even though many people simply pick white window blinds and never give the act a second thought, you can actually get blinds in a vast array of different colors. From charcoal gray to earth brown and even black, you have just about every color option available. However, using darkly colored window blinds can come along with a few downfalls just as much as it can come with advantages. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of using dark-colored window blinds in your home to cover the windows. 

Pro: Darkly colored window blinds can make a room feel more dramatic or demure. 

It is not uncommon for office space owners to utilize dark window blinds to generate a more demure or distinguished look. You may even like the idea of a romantic or elegant flair in something like a bedroom or sitting room. The dark colors can downplay an otherwise bright space to make it seem a little more dramatic. 

Con: Dark window blinds can make a space feel smaller. 

If you do not have a very large space to start with, placing dark window blinds on the windows can actually make the space feel smaller. Some people purposefully use dark window treatments to soften the largeness of a massive room, but if this is not what you need to achieve, dark-colored blinds may not always be the best option. 

Pro: Dark window blinds will prevent natural light interference with other lighting. 

If you have a certain type of light in your home that you want to keep as is without natural sunlight interference, darkly colored window blinds can be a good option. For example, if you have a dimmer switch in your bedroom that you use for low-lighting, having the dark blinds will help. Likewise, dark blinds can be good if you deal with glare on television or electronic device screens. 

Con: Dark-colored window blinds will not allow in as much natural light. 

Just as not having natural light can be an advantage for some, it can also be deemed as a "con" by others. You will be quite surprised at just how much light gets blocked if you opt for something like black window blinds. Unlike lighter colors that can still allow some natural sunlight through, dark blinds will not, so you may need more artificial lighting in your home if you have these blinds in place.