Window Automation With Motorized Shades for Your Next Home Improvement Project

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When you want to add shades to your windows, the best solution is to install motorized shades. The shades come in many different styles and have options like remote controls and programable timers. The following information about motorized window shade will help you add automation to windows for your next home improvement project:

Styles of Motorized Shades

The style of the motorized shades you have installed in your home may differ from one area to another. Some of the options for motorized shade styles that you can have installed include:

  • Blinds with horizontal louvers
  • Pleated or thermal shades for energy efficiency
  • Roman shades with a variety of choices of colors and fabrics

The different styles of motorized shades give you a choice of window treatments for your interior design. You can use different styles to match the interior design in different areas of your home.

Powering the Motorized Shades

The motorized shades are also going to need to be powered by electrical wiring or batteries. There are different options for the power and wiring of motorized shades including:

  • Battery-powered motorized shades
  • Wired shades that use low-voltage wiring
  • Wired shades that have a battery backup to power them

The battery-powdered shades might be a little cheaper, but they don't give you as many options for the controls. Therefore, you may want to consider wired models if you want to have your shades wired to wall switches.

Controlling Motorized Shades

You are also going to need a solution to control the motorized shades. There are options for smart controls, which will make it easier to use the new shades. Another option is to have the shades wired to conventional light switch controls. If you use shades that are powered by batteries, smart controls are the easiest solution. The wired shades will give you more options for smart controls and conventional switches that can be used to open and close the shades.

Maintaining Newly Installed Motorized Shades

The motorized shades you have installed in your home will also need maintenance. Caring for your new shades will be more than just keeping them cleaned since there are mechanical components. Maintenance of the new shades should include:

  • Clean and inspect shades for damaged parts
  • Routinely check the batteries and wiring
  • Clean and grease the moving parts to reduce wear

The maintenance of the shades is important to ensure you don't have any problems with the mechanical components.

The addition of motorized shades for window openings will provide you with energy-saving automation and comfort. Contact a motorized window shade service to discuss the options for your project.