4 Reasons To Install More Windows In Your Kitchen

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A window or two in the kitchen can provide valuable natural light in the day, but you may not get enough sunlight to cook food or prepare meals. If you have enough room, you should plan to install more windows in your kitchen to start enjoying multiple benefits with your family.


As soon as you install a new window, you will bring more light into the room. However, you can maximize natural light gain by prioritizing areas without outside obstacles. The most important obstacles to avoid are buildings, fences, and trees because they can block the sun completely.

To further optimize light gain, you should add more south-facing windows to the kitchen. These windows get sunlight as soon as the sun comes up until it goes down in the evening.

Getting more light is important because it makes the space more functional and inviting. Cooking and preparing meals without having to turn on overhead lights will save energy.


Starting and maintaining a garden on your property is tough because you must deal with pests, wild animals, and the elements. However, you can avoid most issues by growing herbs inside.

Installing a garden window is helpful because this window type gives your plants the sunlight they need. As a result, you will get fresh herbs to use in your cooking for fresh and tasty dishes.


Whenever you cook meals at home, you will notice the ingredients creating an odor inside and around the kitchen. While these odors are desirable at times, you may want the option to eliminate them quickly. Installing oversized windows will provide you with the fastest results.

An excellent strategy is to install windows near the oven and stovetop where most odors are created. Opening windows that are so close will reduce or eliminate the odor spread. A surefire way to avoid overpowering smells is to open these windows before you begin cooking.

Fresh Air

Odors are not the only reason that you should install new windows in the kitchen. Using the oven and stovetop at the same time can turn the kitchen into a hot and unpleasant place. An extra window or two will bring in more fresh air from outside to keep you comfortable.

Adding new windows almost anywhere in your kitchen will provide notable benefits. However, you can enjoy the best results by understanding all the benefits and how to maximize them. For more information about window installation, contact a local contractor.