Planning To Install New Windows? Why You Should Consider Casement Windows

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Casement windows continue to attract many homeowners despite being among the oldest designs in the market. The design resembles a mini door that has glass for the panel and opens outwards. They have a crank that you turn and open, letting the light and fresh air into the house. Their unwavering popularity comes from their simplicity, timeless style, and functionality. If you are thinking about home window installation, consider installing casements for the following reasons.

Get Excellent Air Flow

The windows open completely, leaving space for volumes of air to flow into the house. The windows do not have a mullion in the middle to block the airflow or change the direction of air currents. Other options like bay and louvered windows rarely open completely. You can add a screen to the window opening if you live in dust-prone areas. The screening will allow air into the home while keeping dust particles, pollen, as well as critters out of the house.

Your Home Gets Excellent Energy Efficiency

Windows are an excellent source of light and ventilation. However, poor window design and lack of insulation compromise energy efficiency. You can completely shut and seal the casement window, preventing heat loss from the house. Additionally, you can have the casement windows custom-made with insulated panels to improve the energy efficiency in your home. The window design can save you thousands of dollars annually because of minimized heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

Enhance Safety In the Home

This window design receives excellent security ratings from safety experts. The window shuts tightly and securely on all sides, which poses a massive challenge to burglars. Homes with casement windows are less likely to be targeted than those with other window types. Additionally, the latch to open the window is inside the glass panel. A burglar would have to break the glass to attempt to open the window.

For the Curb Appeal

The windows look excellent in all styles. You can even mix your casement windows with picture and sliding windows. Also, they blend into the existing building architecture and create unique window views. Your home's curb appeal improves a lot when you install the window design.

These windows are excellent for the unobstructed view and excellent airflow in your home. Take your time and get yours from trusted brands, and ask a competent contractor to install them for the best experience. To learn more, contact a window installation service.